GoGreenSourcing recognises, promotes and rewards the achievements of Members who are protecting and enhancing the Global Environment.


Search the GoGreenSourcing database to find manufacturers and suppliers who are at the forefront of environmental advances in every aspect of their businesses.


Showcase your environmental advances, accreditation and sustainability and ensure you source from accredited suppliers.

Services for Members

Global coverage

GoGreenSourcing provides a Global database showcasing members’ products, services, capabilities and innovations, displays their current environmental credentials, and publicises new environmental initiatives and projected advancements in line with their Corporate Social Responsibility.

Exclusive access

As a member of GoGreenSourcing you will have exclusive entry and access to comprehensive information on every aspect of our A-Z Membership, including businesses’ environmental certifications, products, services and current environmental initiatives together with projected and planned improvements and innovations.

Membership Benefits

Informed and efficient decisions

  • Make unlimited searches of all members’ businesses and environmental credentials
  • Obtain reliable and up to date environmental information
  • View and download .pdf copies of original relevant certifications across all sectors : ISO 14001, BS8001, EMAS, Carbon Trust Standard, M Certs EU Ecolabel and more
  • Instant review of current compliance
  • Receive reliable information direct and validated by GoGreenSourcing

Reputation and promotion

  • Make your business stand out from the competition
  • Enhance your business’s brand reputation
  • Increase transparency within your organisation
  • Drastic time saving
  • Promote your company’s environmental credentials and awareness

Productivity and information flow

  • Benefit from peer to peer information exchange
  • Improve information flow
  • Pre-select preferred suppliers and buyers
  • Benefit from useful Documentation Update Service

Featured Members

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