Aims and Services

Our aims

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GoGreenSourcing was established in 2020 to enable all member companies to showcase their current environmental qualifications, environmentally-aware products, innovations, policies, planned advancements and developments.

These achievements will contribute towards transforming the Global economy into a circular one, where sustainability is a prime aim and where the value of products and materials is maintained for as long as possible.

Our members’ commitments to improving sustainability in every aspect of their businesses will help bring major economic benefits in the move to a climate-neutral economy and improving the energy-efficiency of products through eco design.

The actions of all members has significant impact on the lives of citizens around the world, not just in terms of the products and services which they offer or the jobs and opportunities they create, but also in terms of working conditions, human rights, health, the environment, innovation, education and training.

Benefits for your company

GoGreenSourcing gives members the opportunity to illustrate and explain their contribution, now and in the future, as they implement new policy, develop more sustainable procedures, and launch environmental initiatives. In all of these important areas GoGreenSourcing will support companies in their drive to publicise and showcase their businesses.

Good environmental practices can boost business and attract new customers too: business analysts across the world are recognising that, as a result of adopting a sustainable development strategy, companies will increase their long term profitability.

Companies will gain:

  • Improved brand image and competitive advantage
  • Increase productivity and reduce costs
  • Increase business ability to comply with regulation
  • Attract employees and investors
  • Reduce waste
  • Make shareholders happy

GoGreenSourcing will help to promote your environmentally-friendly products and policies, which sets your business apart from your competitors and attracts new customers who want to buy products and services from a sustainable and forward-thinking business.

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